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Welcome to www.workingwithIndia.info a blog/website

We are a UK based company who over the last eight or nine years  have been working with a rich variety of India organisations in both the public and private sectors. During that time we have experienced all the ups and downs of collaborations across continents, cultures and commerce.

We have made mistakes and learnt invaluable lessons. We have had successes to be proud of and established relationships that have stood the test of time and will delver real benefits for us and our team.

So these pages reflect our experiences, insights and conclusions.

We aim to share some observations in these pages with you and we hope you find them informative and useful.

We welcome comments and feedback and of course are more than happy to discuss how we could help you ...
feel free to contact us today

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India is an incredibly exciting and rewarding country.

This web site discusses some of the lessons we have learnt, challenges we have found and real rewards we have gained.

There is much authoritative information on working with India from both UK and Indian government sites, commercial suppliers and a wealth of good reference sites. This site is more about our experiences and the insight and knowledge we have gained from working with India

Try the National Portal (click here) and for an exhaustive list of Indian organisations try cyberjournalist.

We also recommend the UK India Business Council (click here) and UK Trade and Investment (click here)


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How would your organisation deal with disaster?

Flood, fire, terrorism, power disruptions, IT failure ..... etc. Would your people know what to do?

Do you have robust plans, that are easily understood and implemented.

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